I’m a painter, illustrator and animator. I began drawing in my childhood, while inventing stories with toy animals to perform for my younger sister. This combination of creating stories and drawing pictures kept my imagination active, and in my mid-teens I was inspired to create a 12-minute stop-motion animation, which won an award for Best Young Filmmaker at a local film festival. With this boost of confidence, I enrolled at Edinburgh College of Art, where I eventually graduated with a first-class degree in Animation, along with several more short films.

I was then accepted to work on the groundbreaking hand-painted feature film Loving Vincent, and have since been exploring the art of painting-animation, a practice that has led me to complete an entirely hand-painted music video, Simya, for jazz singer Sezin Angelova. Other recent work includes promo videos for the literary foundation Trafika Europe, debut album artwork for the upcoming singer/musician Possimiste, flyer design for London-based walking tour, Miss Guided, book cover designs for some upcoming writers, and several commissioned artworks.

I now seek to be of service on uplifting creative projects, and am meanwhile open to commissioned work in painting, illustration or animation.


(+44) 07419 137486

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