I am a painter, illustrator and animator. I was born in 1994 and began drawing regularly and inventing stories with toy animals to perform for my younger sister. Growing up, I kept a close connection to the inner world of imagination, and through focusing on art and storytelling I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2016 with a first-class degree in Animation and several short films.

In Summer 2016, I worked on the hand-painted feature film Loving Vincent, and have since been exploring the art of painting-animation, a practice that has led me to create an entirely hand-painted music video, Simya, for jazz singer Sezin Angelova. I have also worked on design projects such as for Trafika Europe and the singer/musician Possimiste.

Aside from my art pursuits, in the last few years I have studied and worked at the Chisholme Institute, a retreat in the Scottish Borders and ‘school of self-knowledge’. I took the responsibility of garden manager for one year, looking after the renowned kitchen-garden; then worked as kitchen assistant for a period, and completed two intensive study courses.

I now seek to be of service on uplifting creative projects, and am meanwhile open to commissioned work in painting, illustration or animation.


(+44) 07419 137486

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