Simya | Hand-painted Music Video

I’m pleased to collaborate with jazz musician Sezin Angelova in the creation of a music video for her beautiful song, Simya. My original Wake film, entirely hand-painted, has been re-edited ever-so-slightly to accompany her sound and the result is an unexpected synchronicity! Enjoy the journey, musically and visually:

Wake | Hand-painted animation

I am very happy to introduce Wake, a totally hand-painted animation from the depths of the cauliflower garden.

In 2016, I began experimenting with painting animation. After a stint working on the feature film Loving Vincent, I decided to record the creation of some personal paintings, with the intention of putting them together as a short film.

The result is this stop motion animation entirely hand-painted onto 9 individual canvases. Enjoy!

Untainted gravities

Sketchbook drawings from the last two months. . .


The garden of the bewildered cauliflower is abundant, for it is Springtime. More will be visible. I must keep remembering that fruition, while being explicitly a consequence of the tree, is also an implicit cause of that tree growing to bear fruit.

Exhibition in Hawick


For the first time, my ongoing project of ‘Encounters’ drawings and paintings is being exhibited, at A7 Art Space in Hawick, along with my larger paintings, old and new. Together with fellow artist Celyn ( C. L. Booth ), we have put on a joint exhibition showing our artworks, on display until 15th September.

The opening evening was a surprise, a delight and an inspiration. Thank you to everyone who came to support the artistic spirit.


Above, with Celyn, setting up the exhibition





Above: Wednesday 8th August opening

A thing of beauty . . .

Vincent (Robert Gulaczyk) in colour

Portrait of van Gogh, played by Robert Gulaczyk, painted by Anna Kluza

I recently wrote about painting for the film Loving Vincent in Beshara Magazine. It’s a contemplation on the experience, the nature of animation, van Gogh’s vision, and the mysterious relationship between artist, artwork and beholder.
Please enjoy:

“To my left, an array of brushes and a careful selection of paint pots; to my right, the computer keyboard and a control for the camera which hangs from the ceiling. Beside the camera sits a projector, casting down a mysterious light. Above, connecting the camera and the projector, the computer monitor displays various images for reference, including rough video footage, photos of van Gogh’s paintings to study the technique and colour, and the live image the camera picks up. Then, directly in front of me, the focal point of this curious little room – the canvas board that will host the magic.

And I wonder: who was this man, Vincent van Gogh . . . “

group photo

Painters and crew outside the Gdansk Studio, September 2016