Wake/Simya | Hand-painted music video

   “The painter sits in the dark and imagines light. Immersed in the joy of creation, a vibrant dreamscape slowly emerges, as the imagination begins to dance with an invisible brush.”

Wake is an experimental stop motion animation project, recording the creation of nine fantastical paintings as they evolve and transform on canvas. The resulting animation is a playful voyage through the vibrant dreamscapes of the imagination, imbued with spontaneity, nostalgia, and the love of light. Entirely hand-painted, it’s a celebration of the ever-transforming nature of our vision and the magical universe in which we have awoken.

I began this project on a whim not long after working on the feature film Loving Vincent. Returning to it intermittently, when inspired and in my free time, I felt it was ready to be shown after the completion of 9 paintings. Settling on the title Wake, the film finished with an original score by Misha Doumnov in 2021.

Just before the finished film was ready, I re-edited it in collaboration with Sezin Angelova and her jazz group, to create Simya, a music video, the alternative version of this visual experiment. Enjoy the journey!

2021, 05:05.

Below is the original film, Wake, and the music video, Simya.