September – December 2014

A summary of the first months of third year at Edinburgh College of Art:


Here are some experiments created for a film which will be shown at Hawick’s Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in April ’15, with Narda Azaria Dalgleish . Her film is based on a spontaneous journey, one day deciding to ride on the first bus that she saw and letting it take her wherever it went. Her film is experimental, poetic, and I have been helping her film sections that will be included, but mostly I have been creating some rotoscoped animation to be included in the film.

Here I display a still from the original video, then stills from the animation created from it; each still shows a slightly different version.


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 04.00.03


 Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 04.02.53


Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 04.00.45


For a short film to be submitted to the Alchemy Festival in April ’15, and hopefully also to the third year’s planned exhibition in February, I have put together a little video experiment using footage of water and trees.

With this footage, I decided to explore some themes that I have been thinking about: the notion of One Reality, Many Perspectives, the process of Dispersion and the multiplicity of TV screens, computer screens, phone screens in our society, that have brought a sudden transformation of civilisation. To visualise these themes, I have been splitting the videos into smaller segments within the one screen, and intend to explore the nature of the screen; to make the film I need to work through a screen. To record these wonderful scenes, I need to view the world through a screen. The moving image medium very much exists with screens, through screens, alongside screens.

To see what has been made so far of the film, you can watch it here, with the password: alchemy


Some early experiments to begin a visual exploration of Drew Dellinger’s poem, Hymn To The Sacred Body of the Universe’.

lets meet

at the confluence

where you flow into me

and one breath

swirls between our lungs

. . .

Exploring images relating to the fluidity and natural patterns of the world, such as river systems, plants, and human anatomy.

Reading the poem, and painting some ideas, I feel drawn to the expression of dance. Here, a dear friend Astrid agreed to dance and be recorded as reference for this animation. I recorded a good 25 minutes of a wonderfully expressive dance while reciting parts of the poem, allowing Astrid to interpret the words into performance.

Taking parts of the footage into After Effects, I cut the figure from the background and merged this with a timelapse of clouds and a recording of flowing water.

And a short 30 second sequence can be found here, if you type the password: life

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