Adrift | Book Cover (2021)

A book cover design for Celyn Booth’s upcoming novel.



Mostly Somewhere (2021)

A work in progress; a tale of lostness and escalating absurdity.



Possimiste | Youniverse (2021)

Illustrations for Possimiste’s debut album, Youniverse, released in June 2021.


Miss Guided’s London Wanders (2021)

Flyer designs for a unique, offbeat London walking tour.


Spoons (2012)

A comic strip contemplation on the true nature of spoons.



At The End of Dreams (2012)

An experimental ‘mini graphic novel’, exploring the dream state and its role in leading a dying soul out of his/her particular life.



Socks! (2014)

A short comic about daily life in the anti-sock bunker.



Origin of the Stars (2013)

A ‘creation myth’, imagining metaphysical beings and the source of all light.

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