What kind of dawn adorns your lawn?

What kind of dawn adorns your lawn?
A sunny kind with vibrant rays,
Or a gloomy sweep of blues and greys?
And does your windswept grass need shorn,
Before it forms a dew-kissed maze?

And how are you for dusks, my friend?
Will they close your days with gold,
Or pass unnoticed into cold?
And do you apprehend those ends –
The start of tales yet untold?

January 2022

Untainted gravities

Sketchbook drawings from the last two months. . .

The garden of the bewildered cauliflower is abundant, for it is Springtime. More will be visible. Fruition, while being explicitly a consequence of the tree, is also an implicit cause of that tree growing to bear fruit.

Exhibition in Hawick


For the first time, my ongoing project of ‘Encounters’ drawings and paintings is being exhibited, at A7 Art Space in Hawick, along with my larger paintings, old and new. Together with fellow artist Celyn ( C. L. Booth ), we have put on a joint exhibition showing our artworks, on display until 15th September.

The opening evening was a surprise, a delight and an inspiration. Thank you to everyone who came to support the artistic spirit.


Above, with Celyn, setting up the exhibition





Above: Wednesday 8th August opening