From the Sahara Desert snorkeling society

New Painting

–  and a fine moment to question reality

Today’s question: “Where the hell am I?”

Painted with acrylics on canvas board, completed in six hours

More soon!

desert diver 002desert diver 001

2 thoughts on “From the Sahara Desert snorkeling society

  1. Goodday mate, how are you? I found your fantastic picture online. Would I be able to use it as an accompanying photo with a short story I wrote? It would be perfect. And would you like it to be noted as “copyright The Bewildered Cauliflower”? My stories are just a hobby, I publish them on online forums, but I don’t get any money for them, so I wouldn’t be able to pay you, I’m very sorry.

    Looking forward to your response. You are an excellent artist.


    Steve Hansen, Australia


    • Hi Steve,
      My apologies for not seeing your message, I haven’t been so attentive to my site this year. You are very welcome to use the image and I’m very happy to hear from you that you enjoy my work! If you’re still keen, go ahead and use as you like for your short story, and please give credit, either my name Mark Boston or Bewildered Cauliflower, whichever you feel best for the context. I’d of course like to read the story too!
      Thanks for getting in touch,


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