A Discovery

‘A Discovery’ – new painting, acrylics on canvas board

I once knew a man who went on a grand expedition to find the centre of the Universe, in the hope of discovering the source of all things. Each time he thought he had found it, it slipped away, or was proven false. The man kept searching, but eventually became bitter and exhausted.

One time, I found him wearily contemplating the movement of fish, back and forth, back and forth, until he suddenly burst out laughing.

“Such beauty!” he cried, over and over again.

I asked him what was so funny, for I had never before heard him laugh.

“The centre of the Universe?” he cried happily. “How could it be anywhere other that here? I’ve been looking for myself all these long years!”

To witness the ephemeral


To witness the ephemeral in each instant, yet to know simultaneously the unchanging, universal presence underlying everything, is a beautiful, mysterious and unfathomable experience, discovered in moments of stillness and contemplation. This is an attempt to explore this feeling.

Painted with acrylics on wooden board.

Murals in Mexico

I have been in Mexico for the past three months, where I have been travelling, exploring, writing, learning Spanish, making animated videos for Trafika Europe, and painting murals. Together, with Mayra Hernandez Rios, we painted two murals on the side of the Hotel Isabel in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our confidence painting in public was put to the test, but shyness can not hold back the artistic spirit!

Click here to see a video timelapse


 We also had the chance to make two murals in Mexico City. This photo shows the progress but more photos will be taken soon once finished.

SAM_0255 copy

More soon!