Jan 15 - 001


He was not aware of the changes.

When he asked to see the minutes from the meeting, they gave him hours instead. Then they sent him home.

On a street corner, he sat and wrote a list of all the lists he needed to write.

The first was a list of phone numbers of the people he could trust. Others, like him, who were unaware of the changes.

The second, a list of his relatives. He needed to count how many there were now. Did any of them know?

Third, a list of his prescribed medication, and the fourth a list of what was kept hidden.

The fifth was a list of the food in his kitchen cupboard. Was any of it still edible?

The sixth, a list of his favourite mythical creatures. Unicorns were pretty good, he thought, but dragons and vampire cows were pretty good too.

The seventh was a list of all the things he considered to be pretty good.

The final list would be a list of everything he knew for sure. The things that didn’t change. He thought briefly about this list while folding up his notebook. Then, as he crossed the street, he realised how hard that list would be to write.

Or how easy.

He went home and made a sandwich.

They did not hear from him again.

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